Ms. Harnden


Welcome to science at Sunridge Middle School!  I teach both 7th and 8th grade science, as well as a science elective, Oceanography. I've been at Sunridge for 24 years, so it is possible I am part of the foundation. Teaching science is great fun and I hope to inspire my students to enjoy it as much as I do.

In 7th grade we focus on Life Science and in 8th grade we focus on  Earth Science and lab skills. There is a lot of variety in what happens in my class, so never accept "nothing" as an answer to "what did you do in science today?" We always do something!

My career has taken me many places across the country and state in search of the best of science teaching.  Along the way I have earned my National Board Certification in science teaching as well as a few awards.  At times science looks like chaos, but I prefer to think of it as organized chaos. Feel free to come by and see what we do some time!

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