Mrs. Harnden

Earth Science

Second semester will see the completion of the Plate Tectonics unit. Next we will study Matter, which includes an introduction to Chemistry. Weather rounds out the third quarter. Fourth quarter will consist of topics surrounding Energy and Resources.

Course material is aligned with State of Oregon Science Education Standards. Students are required to complete several work samples evaluated with the Inquiry Science Scoring Guide. The State of Oregon also evaluates 8th grade students with a written test in April. This test is intended to measure progress made since 5th grade.

Life Science

Second semester will begin with the introduction of microorganisms, followed by plants. The topic of animals will fill out the fourth quarter, including the study of environments and ecosystems.

All Classes

Usually, most work is completed in class. Students are required to record their assignments in their planner. Please check the planner to see what is being done in class.

Progress reports are issued during the quarter, in addition to the grade updates required by the school district. Parents may request printed reports at anytime.

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