8th Grade Plate Tectonics Notes

Outline summary of information covered in the Plate Tectonics unit, not including volcanoes and earthquakes.

7th Grade Landforms Unit

This unit covers weathering, erosion, deposition and related landforms on the surface of Earth. Notes, worksheets and review materials will be found here.

8th Grade Plate Tectonics Unit

Forms and notes are available from this list. Additional links to Google doc/presentations are available from my Portaportal page.

Using my Portaportal links

I keep a collection of websites for student use in a single, easy-to-access location at www.portaportal.com

To see my list of websites you must login as a a guest of "jharnden". No password is needed. Please be aware that this is a free, but commercial website, and I have no control over the adverstisements. I would appreciate a note anytime a website is no longer active and I will delete the link.

The file gives students practice using my list of links for topics we cover in class. There are many additional links that students may enjoy.


News Report Form

Blank form used for news or magazine article summaries.


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