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Anderson Amy's picture
Anderson Amy Para Professional amy.anderson@pendleton.k12.or.us
Arbogast Stepheanne's picture
Arbogast Stepheanne Para Professional stepheanne.arbogast@pendleton.k12.or.us
Blanc Michael's picture
Blanc Michael PE/Health michael.blanc@pendleton.k12.or.us
Bowen Nicki's picture
Bowen Nicki Counseling Office Secretary nicki.bowen@pendleton.k12.or.us
Callender Emily's picture
Callender Emily Orchestra Teacher emily.callender@pendleton.k12.or.us http://sms.pendleton.k12.or.us/emily-callender/mrs-emily-callender
Cary Andy's picture
Cary Andy Choir Teacher andrew.cary@pendleton.k12.or.us
Cary Tim's picture
Cary Tim 8th Grade History, 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher tim.cary@pendleton.k12.or.us
Case Kirk's picture
Case Kirk PE Teacher kirk.case@pendleton.k12.or.us
Crawford Randy's picture
Crawford Randy 7th/8th Grade Social Studies/Leadership randy.crawford@pendleton.k12.or.us
Curtis Dave's picture
Curtis Dave 7th Grade and 8th Grade Life Science Teacher dave.curtis@pendleton.k12.or.us http://sms.pendleton.k12.or.us/dave_curtis
Demianew Chris's picture
Demianew Chris 6th Grade Teacher chris.demianew@pendleton.k12.or.us
Doherty Kelly's picture
Doherty Kelly Office Secretary Kelly.Doherty@pendleton.k12.or.us
Doherty Teri's picture
Doherty Teri Para Professional teri.doherty@pendleton.k12.or.us
Donnelly Erin's picture
Donnelly Erin PE/Health erin.donnelly@pendleton.k12.or.us
Erwin Nichole's picture
Erwin Nichole 6th Grade Teacher nichole.erwin@pendleton.k12.or.us https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mrs-Erwins-6th-Grade-Happenings-SMS/157202817697447
Fishel Laura's picture
Fishel Laura Para Professional laura.fishel@pendleton.k12.or.us
Flerchinger Stephanie's picture
Flerchinger Ste... Para Professional stephanie.flerchinger@pendleton.k12.or.us
Gundlach Brice's picture
Gundlach Brice 7/8th Grade Social Studies Teacher brice.gundlach@pendleton.k12.or.us
Harnden Jodie's picture
Harnden Jodie 7/8th Grade Earth Science Teacher jodie.harnden@pendleton.k12.or.us
Holbrook Robin's picture
Holbrook Robin Custodian robin.holbrook@pendleton.k12.or.us
Humphries Gary's picture
Humphries Gary 7/8th Grade Exploratory Computers and STEM Teacher gary.humphries@pendleton.k12.or.us http://sms.pendleton.k12.or.us/humphries_home
Jacobs Ken's picture
Jacobs Ken Shop Teacher ken.jacobs@pendleton.k12.or.us
Johnson Anna's picture
Johnson Anna Para Professional anna.johnson@pendleton.k12.or.us
Larson Steve's picture
Larson Steve Athletic Director, Math Teacher steve.larson@pendleton.k12.or.us
Leonard Nick's picture
Leonard Nick 7th/8th Grade Special Education Teacher nicholas.leonard@pendleton.k12.or.us
Marshall Lori's picture
Marshall Lori Para Professional lori.marshall@pendleton.k12.or.us
Nelson Athena's picture
Nelson Athena 6th Grade Language Arts/Tech athena.nelson@pendleton.k12.or.us
Nelson Deena's picture
Nelson Deena ELL/Language Arts deena.nelson@pendleton.k12.or.us
Oja Emilee's picture
Oja Emilee 6th Grade Math Teacher emilee.oja@pendleton.k12.or.us
Olsen John's picture
Olsen John Custodian john.olsen@pendleton.k12.or.us
Patterson Chad's picture
Patterson Chad Special Education Teacher chad.patterson@pendleton.k12.or.us
Payne David's picture
Payne David Music Teacher david.payne@pendleton.k12.or.us
Pitt Jill's picture
Pitt Jill Special Education/Life Skills jill.pitt@pendleton.k12.or.us
Robinson Margie's picture
Robinson Margie 8th Grade General Math and Algebra Teacher margie.robinson@pendleton.k12.or.us
Scanlan John's picture
Scanlan John 6th Grade Teacher/Drama john.scanlan@pendleton.k12.or.us http://sms.pendleton.k12.or.us/john-scanlan/mr-scanlan
Schmidt Aaron's picture
Schmidt Aaron Math Teacher aaron.schmidt@pendleton.k12.or.us
Schulze Chris's picture
Schulze Chris 6th Grade Teacher chris.schulze@pendleton.k12.or.us
Sickels Michelle's picture
Sickels Michelle Art Teacher michelle.sickels@pendleton.k12.or.us
Sims Emma's picture
Sims Emma Para Professional emma.sims@pendleton.k12.or.us
Sou Jessica's picture
Sou Jessica Counselor jessica.sou@pendleton.k12.or.us
Steidl Angie's picture
Steidl Angie Bookkeeper angela.steidl@pendleton.k12.or.us
Summerfield John's picture
Summerfield John 6th Grade Teacher John.Summerfield@pendleton.k12.or.us http://sms.pendleton.k12.or.us/summerfield_home
Talbot Jeremy's picture
Talbot Jeremy 7th/8th Language Arts jeremy.talbot@pendleton.k12.or.us
Tesch Jared's picture
Tesch Jared Assistant Principal jared.tesch@pendleton.k12.or.us
Utter Steve's picture
Utter Steve P. E. Teacher steve.utter@pendleton.k12.or.us
Weber Karen's picture
Weber Karen Para Professional karen.weber@pendleton.k12.or.us
Webster Gita's picture
Webster Gita Language Arts Teacher gita.webster@pendleton.k12.or.us http://sms.pendleton.k12.or.us/webster_home
Williams Dave's picture
Williams Dave Principal david.williams@pendleton.k12.or.us
Williams Quinn's picture
Williams Quinn 7th/8th Grade Physical Science Teacher quinn.williams@pendleton.k12.or.us
Wolotira Fred's picture
Wolotira Fred 7/8th Grade Math Teacher fred.wolotira@pendleton.k12.or.us http://sms.pendleton.k12.or.us/wolotira_home

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