Our Staff

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  Name Position/Title E-mail Teacher Page
Photo: Amy Anderson Anderson, Amy Para Professional/Library amy.andersonatpendleton.k12.or.us  
Photo: Stepheanne Arbogast Arbogast, Stepheanne Para Professional stepheanne.arbogastatpendleton.k12.or.us  
Photo: Michael Blanc Blanc, Michael PE/Health michael.blancatpendleton.k12.or.us  
Photo: Nicki Bowen Bowen, Nicki Counseling Office Secretary and Registrar nicki.bowenatpendleton.k12.or.us  
 Photo: Emily Callender Callender, Emily Orchestra Teacher emily.callenderatpendleton.k12.or.us Callender, E
Photo: Andrew Cary Cary, Andy Choir Teacher andrew.caryatpendleton.k12.or.us Cary, A
Photo: Tim Cary Cary, Tim 7th Grade Social Studies and 7th/8th Grade T&C tim.caryatpendleton.k12.or.us Cary, T
  Photo: Kirk Case Case, Kirk PE Teacher kirk.caseatpendleton.k12.or.us  
Photo: Randy Crawford Crawford, Randy 7th Grade Social Studies, 8th Grade America History and Leadership randy.crawfordatpendleton.k12.or.us Crawford, R
Photo: Dave Curtis Curtis, Dave 7th/8th Grade Science dave.curtisatpendleton.k12.or.us Curtis, D
 Photo: Chris Demianew Demianew, Chris 6th Grade Social Studies and 8th Grade American History chris.demianewatpendleton.k12.or.us  
Photo: Kelly Doherty Doherty, Kelly Lead Secretary kelly.dohertyatpendleton.k12.or.us Doherty, K
 Photo: Teri Doherty Doherty, Teri Para Professional teri.dohertyatpendleton.k12.or.us Doherty, T
  Photo: Nichole Erwin Erwin, Nichole 6th Grade Science and Art nichole.erwinatpendleton.k12.or.us Erwin, N
Photo: Laura Fishel Fishel, Laura Para Professional laura.fishelatpendleton.k12.or.us Fishel, L
Photo: Stephanie Flerchinger Flerchinger, Stephanie Para Professional stephanie.flerchingeratpendleton.k12.or.us  
  Photo: Brice Gundlach Gundlach, Brice 7th Grade Social Studies, 8th Grade American History and Media brice.gundlachatpendleton.k12.or.us Gundlach, B
 Photo: Jodie Harnden Harnden, Jodie 7th/8th Grade Earth Science jodie.harndenatpendleton.k12.or.us  
  Holbrook, Glen Custodian    
 Photo: Robin Holbrook Holbrook, Robin Custodian robin.holbrookatpendleton.k12.or.us  
 Photo: Gary Humphries Humphries, Gary 7th Grade Programs & Design, 8th Grade Automation & Robotics gary.humphriesatpendleton.k12.or.us Humphries, G
Photo: Ken Jacobs Jacobs, Ken 7th Grade Materials, 8th Grade Production ken.jacobsatpendleton.k12.or.us  
Photo: Anna Johnson Johnson, Anna Para Professional anna.johnsonatpendleton.k12.or.us  
Photo: Steve Larson Larson, Steve 7th Grade Math and Athletic Director steve.larsonatpendleton.k12.or.us Larson, Steve
Photo: Nicholas Leonard Leonard, Nick Special Education Teacher nicholas.leonardatpendleton.k12.or.us  
Photo: Lori Marshall Marshall, Lori Para Professional lori.marshallatpendleton.k12.or.us  
 Photo: Athena Nelson Nelson, Athena 6th Grade Language Arts athena.nelsonatpendleton.k12.or.us  
  Photo: Deena Nelson Nelson, Deena 7th Grade Language Arts and Reading Skills deena.nelsonatpendleton.k12.or.us Nelson, D
Photo: Emilee Oja Oja, Emilee 6th Grade Math emilee.ojaatpendleton.k12.or.us Oja, E
Photo: John Olsen Olsen, John Custodian john.olsenatpendleton.k12.or.us  
Photo: Chad Patterson Patterson, Chad Special Education Teacher chad.pattersonatpendleton.k12.or.us  
Photo: David Payne Payne, David Band Teacher david.payneatpendleton.k12.or.us  
 Photo: Jill Pitt Pitt, Jill Special Education/Life Skills jill.pittatpendleton.k12.or.us  
  Purvis, Cynthia 8th Grade Language Arts cynthia.purvisatpendleton.k12.or.us  
Photo: Margie Robinson Robinson, Margie 8th Grade Math and Algebra margie.robinsonatpendleton.k12.or.us Robinson, M
 Photo: John Scanlan Scanlan, John 6th Grade Language Arts john.scanlanatpendleton.k12.or.us Scanlan, J
Photo: Aaron Schmidt Schmidt, Aaron 8th Grade Math aaron.schmidtatpendleton.k12.or.us Schmidt, A
Photo: Chris Schulze Schulze, Chris 6th Grade Science chris.schulzeatpendleton.k12.or.us Schulze, C
Photo: Michelle Sickels Sickels, Michelle Art Teacher michelle.sickelsatpendleton.k12.or.us  
Photo: Emma Sims Sims, Emma Para Professional emma.simsatpendleton.k12.or.us  
Photo: Jessica Sou Sou, Jessica Counselor jessica.souatpendleton.k12.or.us Sou, J
Photo: Angela Steidl Steidl, Angie Bookkeeper angela.steidlatpendleton.k12.or.us  
  Stern, Katie 6th Grade Math katie.sternatpendleton.k12.or.us  
Photo: John Summerfield Summerfield, John

6th Grade Social Studies and Drama

John.Summerfieldatpendleton.k12.or.us Summerfield, J
Photo: Jeremy Talbot Talbot, Jeremy 7th Grade Language Arts jeremy.talbotatpendleton.k12.or.us Talbot, J
Photo: Jared Tesch Tesch, Jared Assistant Principal jared.teschatpendleton.k12.or.us  
Photo: Steve Utter Utter, Steve P. E. Teacher steve.utteratpendleton.k12.or.us Utter, S
Photo: Karen Weber Weber, Karen Para Professional karen.weberatpendleton.k12.or.us  
Photo: Gita Webster Webster, Gita Reading Skills and 8th Grade Language Arts gita.websteratpendleton.k12.or.us Webster, G
Photo: David Williams Williams, Dave Principal david.williamsatpendleton.k12.or.us Williams, D
Photo: Quinn Williams Williams, Quinn 7th/8th Grade Physical Science quinn.williamsatpendleton.k12.or.us Williams, Q
 Photo: Fred Wolotira Wolotira, Fred 7th Grade Math fred.wolotiraatpendleton.k12.or.us Wolotira, F