Attendance Policy

Attendance/Tardy Policy

When a student is to be absent from school, the parent should telephone the school before 8:30 a.m.  When the school is not notified, the school's automated Parent Link attendance will contact parents at home in the evening regarding the unexcused absent or tardy student. Prearranged absence forms are available in the office. A reasonable number of days may be allowed to makeup work, typically one day for every one day missed.

Being on time is a critical skill that  we are working to help our students understand. It is our responsibility to continually work with students in learning this skill. The tardy policy is not intended to be punitive, but a mild, consistent consequence for students who are repeatedly tardy. Tardies are only excused for illness and medical appointments.

Tardy Policy

  1. Warning
  2. Call home / Documented
  3. Call home/ Documented / Level 1 Referral
  4. Call home/ Documented / Level 1 Referral/ Lunch Detention 2 days
  5. Call home / Documented / Level 2 / Referral Assistant Principal Saturday School










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